Hey there! I’m Kelsey, a digital product designer with a background in industrial design. Ever since I can remember, I’ve had a love for art and design. It started out with casual sketching and drawing, later turned into oil painting, and eventually led me to Arizona State University pursuing my Industrial Design degree. I fell in love with designing for people and their needs, eventually transitioning to digital product design. This intersection between beauty & function is where I have thrived since.


My goal is to create products that solve problems and empower people. I want people to feel smart and capable, especially those that claim they are not tech-savvy. Good design is inclusive and accessible.


When I am not designing, I am listening to podcasts, hiking, working out or traveling. I make a conscious effort to explore and learn new things as I believe this is the key to inspiration and finding new perspectives to bring to my work.


Feel free to contact me with any inquiries. I’d love to work with you!