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Bitmo is an iOS and Android native app that provides people with a convenient & quick solution to sending a gift to a friend.

My role

Research, UX & UI, user testing, product management

I work very closely with the development & QA teams.

I also work with the CEO to ensure alignment of business goals and product vision.

What makes Bitmo unique?

Bitmo allows you to send a gift with a personal message in a matter of seconds. The recipient receives their gift instantly; if they don’t like the brand they can swap it. The gift card is easily accessed from the app, so no more remembering to bring your gift card along with you, no risk of losing it, and no more plastic waste from a physical card.

Bitmo App

I created a storyboard for the scenario in order to better understand the user journey.

The scenario is of a person sending a gift card as a little something to brighten her friend's day. The storyboard goes through the thought process and actions the sender would take using Bitmo to send her friend a gift.

Bitmo storyboard-01.jpg
Key stakeholders

Based on research and storyboarding, I have established a few key stakeholders in the scenario




Rebecca wants to show her friend that she cares, and send her a little something to brighten her day.


She needs to be able to send something immediately without spending a ton of time.

She’s busy, but doesn’t want to let that get in the way of connection with friends and family.




Amanda needs a solution for the scattered gift cards she keeps losing.


She needs to be able to access cards quickly when she’s at the store she has a gift card for.

She loves receiving gift cards, but sometimes they’re not the brands she will spend.


Through my research and user interviews, I created a user flow of wireframes for the scenario of sending a gift to a friend for an everyday occasion. Once wireframes were created, I collaborated with the dev team to determine the level of effort and what was needed before beginning the work on any pieces of the product.

Sender wireframes-01.jpg

Once I had worked out any kinks with the development team, I created high-fidelity screens. From here, I created a prototype in Adobe XD to attach to my design specs in Jira, so the developers were able to experience the interactions I had designed.

Catalog annotations-01.png